Much like Facebook or Apple Computers, MINT Photobooth is the work of two brilliant visionaries who started with nothing and, defying the odds, worked their way to the top. 

Okay, that may be a bit of a stretch.  Chris and Cody met in college and created MINT Photobooth after seeing the potential in photobooths at the weddings their friends invited them to.  The duo thought they could do it better, and set to work creating the area's premier event photobooth service.  You can read more about what makes MINT Photobooth so special on our "Why Choose MINT?" page.  If you're still interested in the men behind the booth, you can learn more here:


Cody works for the military doing something that is either too confidential or too boring to describe here.  He grew up in the Harrisburg area, and still lives here.  Cody does the Cat Daddy when he dougies, and his favorite photobooth prop is his trademark mustache-on-a-stick.  In his free time, Cody goes to the gym and avoids reading books at all costs.


Chris is a former communications professional, current lawyer who grew up in Lancaster County.  His favorite wedding dance song is Michael Jackson's Thriller and his favorite photobooth prop is his ultra-cool pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers.  

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