Most photobooths are cramped and cumbersome, with a cheap camera on a timer that ultimately produces a strip of itsy-bitsy pictures. Within a few months, the photos are tossed or lost and most guests vaguely remember cramming into the photobooth at all.

We believe there is a better way.

At MINT Photobooth, we deliver portrait-quality photographs using professional-grade equipment that includes a dSLR camera, studio lighting, and an 8 by 10 foot backdrop that provides plenty of room for group shots, fun poses, and spontaneity.  Your guests have spent time and money to look their best for your event - why take their picture with a glorified webcam?

With MINT Photobooth, guests control when the camera captures the moment - and it's hard to resist snapping away with the combination of supermodel lighting and self-directed shooting! Best of all, there is no printed photo strip of average-quality pictures.  That means no limit on how many photos you take and no photos to get lost in the seat cushions on the way home.  Instead, your portrait-quality photographs are available within minutes on our website, enabling you and your guests to download, share, and post them as you wish.  Our photos are high-quality and can be printed on your home photo printer or at your favorite photo developing service.  With everything at your fingertips online, your memories - and your photographs - can truly celebrate the moment.

For one flat rate, here's what you get:

- A high-quality photobooth setup, including background and professional lighting

- Fun props, including hats, glasses, and chalkboards for custom signs

- One attendant in business formal attire

- Instant projector service to view a live-updating slideshow

- Online access to photos within minutes from your phone, tablet, or other device*

* online access is dependent on internet availability. MINTphotobooth uses a mobile hotspot to connect to the internet, but if an internet connection cannot be established from your event's location, photos will be uploaded as soon as a connection can be secured.

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